The Y Knot Tandem Wind-on Leader


The Y Knot Tandem Wind-on Leader system is a new leader system utilizing the same wind on technologies used offshore for big game fish, but with a twist. There are two spliced leads on the business end of the leader allowing you to troll two baits from the same main line. The Y Knot was specifically designed for trolling tandem mojos. However, we have been successful trolling a single mojo on the short lead and a bunker spoon or plug on the long lead.

The Y Knot tandem wind-on leader features our exclusive HELICAL DOVETAIL™ serve which produces a finger trap compression join that is smooth and super strong. There are actually ZERO knots to fail and the entire leader can be reeled through the eyes of virtually any rod. The Y knot allows you to apply maximum pressure on the fish until it is alongside the boat where it can be netted or gaffed. It provides near 100%-line strength like all wind on leaders.


The Y Knot connects to the main line with a loop-to-loop connection. We recommend a Bimini Twist on your main line for attaching the spliced loop of the Y knot. We use a single pass through connection with success, but many customers use a multi pass through cat’s paw type connection.


On the business end of the Y Knot, we crimp 100# high speed trolling coast lock swivels for attaching lures to the leader. The swivel is key to the functioning of the leader and we do not recommend trolling baits without them, but you can. The swivel allows the baits to run naturally in the water column and helps to prevent line twist.

During moves, we hook the lure on the short lead through a high eye on the rod and the lure on the long lead is hooked to the lowest eye. Not through the guides but through the arms of them. We wrap the long lead around the reel and wind the leader system tight. This safety feature allows you to make moves easily without long lengths of leader all over the deck.  

At the end of the trip, we remove the lures, hook the swivels together, wrap the long lead around the reel and wind the leader tight for safe storage until the next trip. We do recommend rinsing the leader and the rod/reel with fresh water at the end of the trip. The Y Knot Tandem Wind-on Leadet is made with polyethylene hollow braid such as Shimano Power Pro Hollow Ace®  or Seagar Threadlock® so they will not rot like a Dacron wind on.