How we make our wind on leaders

The Hollow Core

Our wind-on leaders and top shots are single or dual walled and made with either 50#, 100#, 130#, 200#, 300#, 500#, or 800# 16 carrier hollow core Super PE braid depending on the diameter of monofilament leader used. Matching the inside diameter of the hollow core to the outside diameter of monofilament ensures the tightest possible compression connection that gets stronger as the fish  fights. They will not come apart and we guarantee it!

Splicing the monofilament

The length of spliced monofilament is treated and polished to ensure there is maximum grip from the hollow core. The inserted end is also polished and smoothed to remove sharp edges that could puncture the sidewall of the  leader during the big fight.  We also keep the length of the spliced mono limited to reduce the bulkiness of the leader.

Serving the connection

We use an exclusive Helical Dovetail™ compression serve at the connection point between the monofilament and hollow braid that provides a thin and smooth transition that will easily go through most guides and lay perfectly on the reel. We keep the serve small, tight, and clean to reduce bulkiness and improve performance. Our exclusive Helical Dovetail™ connection is also a finger trap, which means the more the fish fights, the tighter the connection gets. On heavier mono and cable wind-on's, the serve is longer to provide more compression. Each serve is also bonded to provide a fail safe connection.

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