Before Heading Out!

Let Us Make Your Custom Wind-ons

Nonpareil understands that fishermen prefer things a certain way. Drop us a line below and tell us the length, weight of leader, specific leader manufacturer of the line you prefer, and other specifics about your custom leader and we will make it for you at no additional charge. We will contact you with a price before starting manufacturing. Once you approve the order, we will ship them within 24 hours.

Can't Find That Rig That Worked So Well?

We all have experienced our local bait and tackle shop not carrying the rig that worked so well last season. Ship us a sample of any rig and our custom rig makers will recreate it for you, so that you never run out again. Mail the sample to P.O. Box 59 Mt. Ephraim, NJ 08059. Be sure to include a short note with your contact information and we will contact you once we have recreated your rig.

Saw It In a Magazine?

We love making new products. If you have been dying to try a rig that you saw in a magazine or elsewhere, drop us a line below and we will try to find the information on the rig and make them for you. As always, be sure to provide your contact information so that we can confirm that we have found the correct information and obtain approval prior to manufacturing.

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